Dawn Chorus

I love poetic words or phrases that are actual, real things in the world. Dawn chorus. While I was writing early this morning, I heard the soundtrack of birds begin. Birdsong. One of the most serene sounds in the entire world.

Later on, I couldn’t resist researching (googling) why birds sing in the morning. And I found out that it’s called the “dawn chorus”.

This song, so beautiful. I listen to it and immediately feel a wave of peace.

I often wonder how a song I love so much might sound like to someone else. What images or feelings does it conjure? Not the same as it does for me. All of our experiences, personal histories, stories, anxieties, dreams, thoughts and unconscious feelings creating a filter through which the songs we love pour through.

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Finding Magical Stuff

I made the bottom part of this drawing many months ago, attempting to draw this iridescent gem which ended up looking very different from the reference photo. Today, I rediscovered the drawing and added a little person (always my daughter Juniper).

Sometimes you cannot see a thing that needs to be seen until (many months) later.

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A Few Delicate Sketches

Here are a few sketches, drawn all on the same page.

Throughout the day I imagine dreamy little notions and half formed ideas and want to make them. I think that if I took the time to create every lovely thought that occurred, I might be an exponetionally happier person. Or, at the very least I would create room for other nice ideas that I haven’t yet thought of, which is a great lot.

Moral of this story: Make more “random” ideas and remember to share them.

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Feeler of Feelings

I made this drawing a couple of months ago.

It was one of those times where I turned my paper over from another messed up drawing, and just started a new one without hesitation or a reference photo.

As usual, I was thinking about (and looking up at) trees. But she looks as if she is feeling many feelings. What is she is feeling? That is up to you.


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Tiny Cloud Dancer

This drawing is what happens when I draw the first thing that enters my funny head.

My favorite art is always something wonderful and strange. Humor + feeling + dreaminess.

A thought that keeps reoccurring. The purpose of my paintings and drawings is to make things that cannot be photographed.

The most interesting illustrations illustrate the invisible. A state of mind that can never be seen.

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