My Brother

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I’ve kept the memory of my brother Chris’ essence alive in my mind for 19 years. For many years the awareness of who he was was too painful to acknowledge, and I was very angry that he left me alone on this earth. He was my comrade. My teacher. My first and only true friend. He […]

Moon Conversations & The 100 Day Challenge

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The Summer of Shooting Stars

Pools of Light

Hands Extending into the Blue

Pressing on the Golden Stem

Leaves As Gems

& A Book of Clouds. 

Those are some of the titles I’ve come up with as prompts for my next series of illustrations, 100 Moon Conversations. There have been these magical ideas floating around in my head that fill me with […]

31 Gems in July

2018-08-18T00:28:38+00:00August 4th, 2016|


In the order as shown: rainbow moonstone, african jade, green fluorite, lavender aurora, chrysocolla, amethyst (top row) aquamarine, celestobarite, sun stone (bottom row) lapis lazuli, hemimorphite, rose quartz, aura quartz, indian star ruby, watermelon tourmaline, opal, sardonyx, fluorite, citrine, dalmation stone, azurite, pearl,  peacock ore, topaz, emerald, diamond, […]

Long, Long, Long

2018-08-18T01:00:22+00:00June 15th, 2013|

Amidst wave (and plant) drawings, I started a new series inspired by dreamy songs. Totally subjective interpretations based on visualizing the sounds. I was taking a walk a few weeks ago listening to music on random and “Long, long, long” by the Beatles came on. Aah the organ, the quiet opening. Listening to it I imagined someone […]

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